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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Doctor Seek?
Doctor Seek is a Directory for Doctors to advertise their services directly to the public.
Is Doctor Seek a free service?
It is free for users to search and rate. For Doctors, a fee is required to be listed on our directory.
The contact details listed for my Doctor is a clinic’s contact detail.
Doctors who are self-employed may contract their services at different locations. The contact details listed are generally where they offer their services from mainly and can be a clinic’s who can then arrange to make an appointment for you or pass on your request to your Doctor.
Why use Doctor Seek?
Patients can easily find a doctor that meets their requirements for location, recommendations, languages or special interests etc. Doctors who are self employed contractors can advertise their services to the public directly.
My Doctor is not available during the business hours advertised.
There can be multiple factors for this. Most commonly this is due to no available appointments remaining, unforeseen or temporary changes to their working arrangements, or that your Doctor has not updated their listing information.
Why can I only find Doctors based in Australia?
Doctor Seek is an Australian based service and we are currently focused on providing you with Australian medical doctor services.